Monday, 29 September 2008

Teabag fold cards

Another of my favourite cardmaking techniques is teabag or kaleidoscope folding, which is a type of origami. You fold 8 (or less or more) papers and make them into little rosettes. This card was made using a fold I made up myself based on another fold. I designed the paper myself, as I do with all the teabag papers I use. I could never find papers that I liked in the shops so started to design them for my own use and then I started to sell them in 2005

Sunday, 28 September 2008

More cardmaking

Keeping with being thrifty, as in my last post, I came across some old Christmas cards, which I was going to throw out. Instead I cut them up and ended up doing 3D d├ęcoupage with them. I just built the images up on top of a whole card. Doing this saved printing sentiments and inserts for the card. The end result is that they look better than the original card. Unfortunately this picture doesn't show off the 3D aspect of them.


As well as cross stitch designing I like to make greeting cards and yesterday I made a few. One set were made from an idea in a magazine which used old buttons to make Christmas trees. This was such a good idea because we have a button box that is full to bursting with old buttons, many of which came from granny's house and many which mum gathered over the years. The cards used were free with a magazine at one time and all the other card used has been in the house for years.


Here goes, my very first post on my blog, but what am I going to say - Last night I was looking at some Christmas cards on a website and one of them prompted me to design a new Snowman cross stitch design.